“Before 1897, no public library existed.  However, there was a reading room rented by the village for $4.00 per month in the home of the local shoemaker.  Here the villagers could read various newspapers, journals, and magazines.

The following notice appeared in the Sundridge Echo December 24, 1896.  By-law No. 76 for Establishing a Free Library with Assent of the Electors. Whereas a number of the electors have petitioned the Council of the said Village praying for the establishment of a Free Library under the Free Library Act. Be it therefore enacted by the said Municipal Council of the said Village of Sundridge, that in case the assent of the electors is given to this by-law; a Free Library be established in this Municipality in accordance with the provisions of the Free Libraries Act.

A vote took place in the Orange Hall, January 5, 1897 and as a result, the electors of Sundridge gave their consent for the library to be established. The library was still housed in the reading room at the same monthly rate of $4.00.”

In 1978 the Village of Sundridge entered into an agreement to share their library with the Township of Strong and to form a Union Public Library. The library became the Sundridge-Strong Union Public Library and was located in the Village of Sundridge Community Centre.

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